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What We Do.

Muñoz & Associates International is a foreign-based company that specializes in International Market ResearchManagement Consulting, and Finance Facilitation in the new global economy. We facilitate cross-border flows of knowledge, information, and capital in order that global and local businesses prosper.

More than provide resources to established companies that are poised for growth, our experienced team of consultants are highly skilled in dealing with the specific issues that apply to the consulting sector across the areas of Comprehensive Research, Management Strategy Formulation, Technology Development, Alliance Formation, and International Finance. We help our clients become globally integrated and poised for maximum business growth.

The Experts.
Dr. J. Mark Muñoz, 
Chairman & CEO | Phone

"Our world is a global marketplace - with an unending stream of unique business opportunities that exist in the most sophisticated urban cities as well as remote local communities. 

As global citizens, we should focus on Integration rather than Division. When capital, knowledge, and technology seamlessly flow throughout nations businesses and people will prosper, lives will be saved, and the achievement of global peace shifts from dream to reality."

Dr. Munoz is a graduate of MBA and PhD in Management. He is a world-renowned professor of International Business and former Asia Scholar and Visiting Fellow at Harvard University. He has had several years of professional experience in International Marketing, Sales Development, Market Research, Business Consulting, and Venture Finance. He is an award-winning professor, author, and researcher. He authored/co-authored/edited several books on business globalization such as: Winning Across Borders, A Salesman in Asia, International Social Entrepreneurship, and Contemporary Microenterprise : Concepts and Cases. His quest for global business led him to direct a 35-country research project on globalization strategy which was published in major academic and business journals. His passion for International Finance resulted in successful multi-million dollar venture funding campaigns and M&A's in Asia and Africa. Dr. Munoz serves as member of the Board of Directors in three international companies. He is listed in Who's Who in America, as well as Who's Who in the World.

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Olivia Brewer,
Project Manager
Expertise in wholesale, distribution, business development, branding, and sales. 
John Munoz,
Project Manager
Expertise in sales, marketing, market research, business development, and commodity trading.

Muñoz & Associates International also has a large network of associates and strategic partners from all over the world.

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